Create and run tests in Spearmint

- Zero coding required

Easily create, save, and run tests intuitively using Spearmint. Access your app's file directory and codebase while providing a fully functional in-app terminal and browser. When you're ready to continue developing your application, your Jest test files will be in your app's __tests__ folder.

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A fresh take on testing

Writing tests is like eating your veggies: it's something everyone knows that they should do, but not everyone does. Spearmint provides a simple way to write tests that gives you confidence your application will work in the way your users interact with it.

Spearmint provides a user-friendly GUI for developers to easily generate tests with a few clicks of a button. It dynamically converts user inputs into executable test code through react-testing-library, jest, supertest, puppeteer, vue-test-utils, solid-testing-library, and axe-core.

Fun fact: The origin of the word “debugging” comes from Grace Hopper removing a moth that was causing the Mark II Aiken Relay computer to malfunction. Did you know that moths are repelled by spearmint?

Supports React, Redux, Svelte, Solid, GraphQL, Hooks, Context, Puppeteer, Endpoint, Vue, Security & Accessibility Testing

Spearmint isn't just for React. Write tests for your Redux actions, async functions, reducers, or middleware. While you're at it, check out your hooks, context or even your endpoints. If you're interested in performance, utilize the Puppeteer module. Provide custom mock data and inputs, and you're on your way. You can also leverage the Axe-Core testing library to verify that your application meets various accessibility standards and guarantees an internet for all. If you're concerned about security, the Snyk library has been utilized to ensure your application is up to snuff for various security standards and make sure your app isn't vulnerable to malicious attacks.

Spearmint provides support for SolidJS. If your application is developed with Solid, you can utilize the Solid-Testing-Library via Spearmint’s test generator to develop, run, and export your test files, all inside of Spearmint!

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Accessibility Lens -

See your app from different perspectives

Beyond testing your app for accessibility, Browser view's "Accessibility Lens" allow you to test out your application's usability as if you didn't have access to a mouse, or have a color/hearing mismatch.

Modernized UI/UX with Dark Mode

Spearmint provides an outstanding user interface and guarantees the best user experience. When you want to save freshly generated test files for easy access in the future to modify or update, simply click the “Save Test” button, name the test template you have created and you’re good to go. You can easily find the test file saved in the __test__ folder.

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