Use spearmint to create tests.

Zero coding required.

Easily create tests using our UI and refer to the browser, codebase, and docs all in one place. Once you're done you can save an executable Jest test file in your __tests__ folder.

A fresh take on testing.

Writing tests is like eating your veggies: it's something everyone knows that they should do, but not everyone does. Spearmint.js provides a simple way to write tests that gives you confidence your React application will work in the way your users interact with it.

Spearmint provides a user-friendly GUI for developers to easily generate tests. It dynamically converts user inputs into executable Jest test code by using DOM query selectors provided by the react-testing-library. We chose react-testing-library over Enzyme because it guides developers to focus on testing user behavior rather than testing implementation details. By leveraging react-testing-library, spearmint provides our users with more stable tests that do not break when refactoring or gives false positives due to shallow-rendering.

Fun fact: The origin of the word “debugging” comes from Grace Hopper removing a moth that was causing the Mark II Aiken Relay computer to malfunction. Did you know that moths are repelled by spearmint?

Supports React, Redux, Hooks, Context, Puppeteer, and Endpoint Testing.

Spearmint isn't just for React. Write tests for your Redux actions, async functions, reducers, or middleware. While you're at it, check out your hooks, context or even your endpoints. If you're interested in performance, utilize the Puppeteer module. Provide custom mock data and inputs, and you're on your way.

Meet the Team!

Charlie Maloney

Chloe Aribo

Cornelius Phanthanh

Dave Franz

Evan Berghoff

Johnny Lim

Julie Beak

Karen Pinilla

Linda Wishingrad

Mike Coker

Natlyn Phomsavanh

Nicolas Pita

Rachel Yoo

Sean Haverstock

Sieun Jang

Tristen Wastell